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31 Jan 2016

Highlights from Founders' Memorial Dialogues
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Highlights from Founders’ Memorial Dialogues

Founders' Memorial Engagement sessions

Between September 2015 to January 2016, a series of engagements were held with different stakeholder groups. The conversations, involving some 400 participants, highlighted a set of values and ideals that resonated with our founding leaders and which they agreed should be remembered by future generations.

Learn more about what was shared and see their imagination in action here.

31 October 2015 - Youths Session

"We love our country, so it makes sense that we take part in this discussion. For my generation - the youths in particular, is to have the courage to dream, to continue the legacy that our founding fathers left us." - Chew Tze Lin

18 November 2015

"To believe believe in the conviction that we can make a difference - that's the ethos of our founding fathers, which is what makes us today. And for us to live the next 50 years, next 500 years, these are the values that are worth remembering and to continue on with." - Wong Sok Mei

11 November 2015

"A memorial is important to be passed down and instill the values and ideals of the community... It is always a work-in-progress, but that is what I love about Singapore and what makes it unique." - Peh Chin Sin

7 November 2015 - Pioneers Session

"Each person is uniquely responsible for contributing. It would be a living memorial that each generation or each decade would contribute towards." - Pat de Souza

Historians Session

"Singapore is not a very natural country. It came out from, in a sense, nowhere because we were part of Malaysia. It is important for us to remember how these were done, and the qualities that took us through and to where we are (that) are worth remembering and commemorating." - Prof Tan Tai Yong

Chinese Session

"Our forefathers upheld a very important value, that is the willingness to endure hardships in order to complete a task. And it is this value that flourished our country." - Chia Kun Liang

Malay Session

"In our current society, most of the progress we experience are greatly influenced by the values of the pioneer generation, that will reflect on the generations to come." - Sharifah Mohamed

Tamil Session

"In Singapore, there are several unique characteristics, and to showcase these characteristics, the Founders' Memorial is most appropriate." - Raja Mohammad